European Roller

At Lukimbi, empowerment issues are being addressed. Most employees are local community members and are beneficiaries of a scheme whereby they share in income generated by the lodge. Staff of our sister lodge Idube Private Game Reserve are also part of the scheme.

One of Lukimbi's main aims is upliftment through training. Lack of both jobs and training is a critical factor in the fairly poor local area, so Lukimbi has implemented an ongoing training program with most rewarding results.

Lukimbi is also involved in encouraging local business enterprise. For example, Lukimbi employs a businessman from the local community to transport staff.

Future aims are to help develop local guides, encourage local craftspeople and employ local singers and actors where possible.

Lukimbi has the possibility of being a power for good in the area and aims to do so in a sustainable and considered manner.

Empress in the Dining Room Empress in the Dining Room
Celebration at a Staff Awards Ceremony Celebration at a Staff Awards Ceremony