Why You Should Spend the School Holidays at a Kruger Park Game Lodge

Regardless of where you live in the world, you should spend time at the Kruger National Park, and stay in a game lodge at least once in your life. Once you have done this, you will always want to come back for another visit. The Kruger Park is a wildlife paradise like no other, and because it is located in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa, it is not only great to look at, but the atmosphere is one you will never forget. This is why it is one of the most sought-after wildlife destinations in the world!

The Kruger Park is one of the largest game parks in the world, and the reserve contains many different rest camps where visitors can overnight before moving on to the next camp. Others choose to use one location as a base camp for their travels throughout the park. Here and there, you will find a Kruger Park game lodge or guest house located outside of the camp, and these offer a more exclusive type of accommodation for those who prefer to have a more intimate and luxurious experience. An African safari is an experience that not many can forget, and those with children are always encouraged to take their kids to experience a Kruger Park game lodge in the reserve during school holidays. Here are some reasons to spend some time during the upcoming school holidays at this very special game reserve, and to stay at a superb Kruger Park game lodge.

  • Get away from everything: In the African bush, everything happens at its own pace, and time seems to slow down here. Being surrounded by nature, and experiencing the leisurely life and the total change of scenery can be incredibly exciting and relaxing at the same time. Staying in a wonderful Kruger Park game lodge while you visit the reserve will provide you with the luxuries you crave after a long hot day, and you will feel thoroughly refreshed by the time you head home again.
  • Great value for money: Often, people tend to shy away from spending time in the Kruger Park during school holidays, because they think it will be too expensive. The fact is that there are indeed options that offer really good value for money when it comes to family holidays. If you book into a budget-friendly Kruger Park game lodge, you will be able to save a few rands that will allow you to do more.
  • Show your kids the wild animals in real life: There are not many thrills that come close to seeing a lion, elephant, or rhino close up in real life. The Kruger Park is home to all the most desirable species, such as the Big Five, so many people from all over the world come to South Africa to encounter these in their natural habitat. Kids are particularly enthralled when they encounter animals in real life and close up, so it provides parents with a great opportunity to educate their children about animals and nature.
  • Great photographic opportunities: Because the scenery in the Kruger National Park is so spectacular, it provides fantastic opportunities for photographic enthusiasts or budding photographers. Whether you are an adult or a child, taking great shots with your camera or cellphone can be highly enjoyable, and you get to reminisce about your Kruger experience every time you see your wonderful photos.
  • Get out into the bush: It is possible to go on organised hikes with trained trackers and guides. There are various hiking trails throughout the Kruger Park, and walking any of these provide great opportunities to learn more about the fauna and flora from an experienced and knowledgeable park ranger. This provides your children with some great information and the chance to get outside and enjoy nature.
  • Make new friends: Because there are so many people visiting the Kruger Park or staying in a Kruger Park game lodge during school holidays, it gives you and your children the chance to make new friends from different towns and countries. This adds to their life experiences and social interaction skills, and they may even build solid friendships with the people they meet.

If you are looking for a Kruger Park game lodge that is situated in an easy-to-reach location, you should check out Lukimbi Safari Lodge. We provide luxurious surroundings and accommodation that will please even the most discerning traveller. Give us a call today to find out more about our school holiday accommodation options.

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