Choosing the Best Accommodation at the Kruger National Park for Your Budget

The school holidays are on our doorsteps and a long month with children beckons. You have organised your leave and you look forward to a long and leisurely time away from the office and the daily responsibilities of life. All that is left to do is book your accommodation at the Kruger National Park. Yet there are so many different accommodation options to choose from. This can make the task of deciding where to stay a little difficult. 

Types of Accommodation at the Kruger National Park

Inside the Kruger National Park, there is a variety of accommodation options available. Some are very luxurious, and others are more focused on the budget-oriented visitor. Because all camps have their own accommodation options, visitors have the choice to roam around the Kruger Park and explore different camps while visiting different parts of the reserve, or to choose to remain in one part of the park and use one particular camp as their base. Visitors have to remember that the Kruger Park is large, and that more variety can be experienced by moving around a little. Most of the accommodation options at the rest camps are self-catering, but there are cafés and restaurants where very good meals can be enjoyed.

Some of the different accommodation options in the park include:

  • Camping: One of the best ways to fully experience the outdoor way of life is to camp out in one of the rest camps. This is often also the cheapest form of accommodation at the Kruger National Park.
  • Simple huts: If you would love to stay in a basic African hut, there are plenty of these positioned in most of the rest camps around the reserve. These are practical and comfortable, and one of the best budget-friendly options.
  • Safari tents or tented camps: These consist of a platform with a permanent canvas tent positioned on it. Some of these share facilities with the residents of other tents, such as communal kitchens and ablution facilities, and others have their own built-in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Bungalows: Most of these comprise of single bedroom units with a kitchen and bathroom. Some of them do share communal kitchen and bathroom facilities. These bungalows tend to have good perimeter views, or are positioned close to watering holes where you can do some animal watching from the comfort of your own stoep.
  • Cottages: Accommodation at the Kruger National Park includes self-catering single cottages and family cottages. These have one or multiple bedrooms with their own kitchens and bathrooms, and remain a very budget-friendly option for families and couples. There are also guest cottages with multiple bedrooms and two bathrooms, a lounge, and kitchen facilities.
  • Guest house: There are many guest houses that provide excellent accommodation at the Kruger National Park and also within easy reach from outside the park. These are usually privately owned, and the owners ensure that guests are accommodated in comfort. Breakfast or other meals can quite often be provided too.
  • Luxury game lodges: This is one of the best options around, as these lodges provide the ultimate accommodation at the Kruger National Park. They cost a little more than other types of accommodation, but staying at one of these, such as Lukimbi Safari Lodge, is an experience that you will not easily forget.

Why You Should Choose Lukimbi Safari Lodge for Your Accommodation

For guests looking for something exclusive and unique, Lukimbi Safari Lodge is the best bet. Here we provide luxury, great food, and superb accommodation in our lodge overlooking various game viewing sites. Our lodge has a family-friendly atmosphere, kid-friendly activities, gourmet meals, award-winning local wines, and a tastefully decorated environment that brings you closer to the natural environment of the African bush.

Located within easy reach of the gate and only a five-hour drive from Gauteng, Lukimbi Safari Lodge offers guests luxury accommodation at the Kruger National Park. You can choose from 16 suites – each with its own private deck overlooking either the river banks or the bush, with views that stretch for days. All our suites are air conditioned and boast mosquito nets, an outdoor shower, a safe, ceiling fans, and a minibar. Lukimbi Safari Lodge is also a fantastic location to celebrate all those wonderful occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and even honeymoons. For the more intimate and glamorous occasions, you can choose one of our super-luxurious suites with their own private swimming pools, and baths made for two.

If you are looking for the ultimate in accommodation at the Kruger National Park, give our team at Lukimbi Safari Lodge a call to make your booking today.

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