4 Great Reasons to Visit the Kruger National Park with Your Children

It is a fact that spending time with your children is absolutely crucial to their development, and also to your bond as a family. The importance of time spent with your kids simply cannot be underestimated, yet so many of us follow the daily grind of work and life, without having much opportunity or energy to spend some quality time with our families. Exercise is one of the best ways in which to spend time together, but this only works if it is a mutual interest. It could also work to take your kids to some kind of activity that they will love, but you won’t necessarily enjoy it. It makes for a complicated situation. This is why you should find something that you all love as a family, and a visit to the Kruger National Park should be at the very top of this list!

When planning a vacation, we often opt for the experiences and venues that provide us with what we need, but the needs of children and adults can be very different. If you choose to go to Disneyland, your kids will have a wonderful time, but you will have to stand in queues, watch them all day, buy snacks, worry about their safety, and try to keep up with them all day. If they go to a posh beach resort with you, they may not want to sit on the beach with you while you read your book or try to relax, and this means that nobody really has a good time.

If you visit the Kruger National Park, the experience will thrill everyone, from very young to very old. It is truly one of the most significant and adventurous experiences you will ever have with your kids! Here are some of the reasons why you should visit the Kruger National Park with your children:

  1. Taking a break from tech: Kids nowadays seem to spend their lives on social media and computer games. It is often difficult to have a conversation with them while they are staring at a screen, and getting out into the wild and removing all the technology that they are so addicted to, can be a great thing. They may be a little reticent to give up their technology at the start, but once they have spotted a few animals, they will engage in the game drive and the world around them in a different way. During the day, there are multiple adventures to be had that do not include the use of technology – apart from perhaps taking some good shots to post on social media later!
  1. The wonder of African environments: People seem to adapt very easily with the environment in Africa. This is probably due to the fact that there is an ancient history here that engages people on a very base level that they are not always aware of. A visit to the Kruger National Park is one of the most unforgettable adventures, because it balances out the crude, ancient environment with the luxury and home comforts of a really good lodge. An African sunset is something that should be on the bucket list of everybody across the world. Even South Africans love the mystical feel of the Kruger National Park and the wildlife that flourishes here.
  1. Superb Convenience: It is a wonderful thing to camp out in the African bush, but not everyone enjoys the rudimentary way of life. When you visit the Kruger National Park, you will have the best of both worlds; you can hike through wild territory and be at one with nature, and when you need to rest or eat, you can retire to a wonderful lodge, such as Lukimbi Safari Lodge, to enjoy wonderful food and to relax in the luxury that only a truly African game lodge can provide. At Lukimbi Safari Lodge, you can sleep on superb, crisp linen, revel in scrumptious local cuisine, and be at one with nature by sitting on your private balcony and watching the animals quenching their thirst from a safe position.
  1. Endless Memories: When you visit the Kruger National Park, it will be an adventure that your children will never forget. Because there are so many things to see and so much to do, both you and your children will be stimulated all day long with wonderful new sights and exciting new discoveries that may include mammals, insects, reptiles, and flora. Memories cannot be taken away, and you and your children will enjoy the memory of your visit to the Kruger National Park for the rest of your lives, because it is simply not an experience that is easily forgotten.

If you are looking for a great place to stay while you visit the Kruger National Park, give our team at Lukimbi Safari Lodge a call. We look forward to providing you with life-long memories!

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