Why Kruger Park Game Drives Should Be on Your Bucket List

Have you put together your bucket list yet? It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, there is always merit in putting together a list of things that you simply have to do before you finally depart the earthly shores. This list often provides direction and motivation when it comes to saving money for holidays or how to spend money that suddenly came into your possession via a bonus, an unexpected windfall, inheritance, or a gift. It also gives you plenty of reasons to save up for a particular event or adventure, and it helps you to spend your money on the things that really mean something to you as a person. It could even be an adventure that includes the entire family, and everyone can enjoy the adventure, which makes it so much more special!

One of the things that often feature on bucket lists is a visit to the Kruger National Park. Because this is one of the most famous game parks in the world and there is so much to see here, it is certainly something that most people should strive for. Kruger Park game drives are legendary – there is nothing like encountering the Big Five from the safety of your vehicle, or even a specially designed game drive vehicle. Sunrise or sunsets are usually the best times to do these because more animals are moving around, especially in the summer. In order to conserve energy during those hot summer days, predators tend to hunt in the early morning when it is cool and the prey is still a little sleepy. And at the end of a hot day, there are loads of animals that descend on the wonderful watering holes in rivers and dams, in order to quench their thirst.

One of the best things you can do after your Kruger Park game drive is find a wonderful place to relax while you enjoy the spectacle of wildlife congregating around a cool watering hole. There are a lot of camps that include views over watering holes, but often these are very busy and public, and they don’t really give you the opportunity to enjoy the sunset in true African tranquillity while taking in the views and admiring the wildlife.

Another reason why Kruger Park game drives should be on your bucket list is because they provide you with an experience that you are not very likely to find anywhere else. While the Kruger National Park is large, the camps are not situated too far apart, and you are able to travel between them without getting too hot and exhausted. The Kruger Park is truly a representative of Africa – the climate, the animals, and the wonder of the flora and fauna in the park are simply spectacular. In addition, there are a whole lot of wonderful lodges to choose from that will bring you so close to nature that you almost feel as if you are submersed in it! You can hear lions roaring, hyenas laughing, and wildebeest snorting, and in the early morning, the astonishing array of birds will entertain you with birdcalls that you have never heard before. It is simply a wonderland that you cannot miss out on.

At Lukimbi Safari Lodge, we provide you with some of the best accommodation in the Kruger National Park, and we pride ourselves on delighting our guests with game drives with trackers and guides who know where the animals are. As a result, we are able to provide regular sightings of scarce wildlife, and our guests are always delighted.

After your game drives, you can dive into our pristine swimming pool to cool down before relaxing on the spacious wooden deck overlooking a watering hole and enjoy your sundowner. After that, you can devour a delectable meal cooked by the most creative chefs at our lodge – all seasonal and local fare with a world cuisine twist. Then, you can fall into a luxurious bed with pure cotton linen and dream the night away.

If your bucket list includes Kruger Park game drives, then Lukimbi Safari Lodge should be on that list too! This is an experience you will never forget. Give our team at Lukimbi Safari Lodge a call to make your booking today.

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