7 Top Reasons to Treat Yourself to the Kruger Park Experience

Most people love to get away every now and then. Some can afford to go further than others, and frequently travel overseas. For people from other countries, South Africa is one of the best countries in the world to visit. For the local citizens of the country who cannot afford international travel, taking time out for a Kruger Park experience is an option that is a lot more affordable. Here we provide you with some of the top reasons to visit the Kruger Park.

  1. Ambient climate: One of the best things about the Kruger Park and the surrounds is that this part of the country has the most superb climate. Winters are sunny and warm. It does get chilly at night, but never enough to get to freezing. Spring is a great time of year – when babies are born, mornings are bright, and the animals are energised after the winter. Blossoms are everywhere and everyone is happy. Summer can be quite hot and tropical, but this is nothing that a good lodge with air conditioning cannot fix. Autumn is simply magical – the colours in the sunsets are vivid and unforgettable, and the days are mild and languid. You simply cannot miss this.
  1. The landscape: The Kruger Park experience brings you a wonderful variety of landscapes, because the size of this park is enormous, It covers almost two million hectares of African bushveld that is totally unspoilt, and if you want to travel back in time to learn how it was to be in this area two hundred years ago, you will be able to feel it during a game drive. Even though modern lodges and camps have been introduced into the park, the overall landscape remains untouched, as it provides the natural habitat of all the animals that reside here.
  1. Lots of birds: Because the Kruger Park is a protected area, it has preserved the lifestyles and habitat of an enormous amount of birds. Here you can encounter birds you have never seen before – from large ostriches, to the most comical herons and large families of weavers building substantial communal villages in the trees. It is truly a bird lover’s paradise, and one of the best places to do an African Big Year.
  1. Variety of wildlife: Most people come to see the Big Five because these animals are considered some of the most impressive in the world. There are, however, also the Ugly Five – we will leave this for you to find out more. In addition to the Big Five, there is a wealth of wildlife in this park that is simply incomparable to other game reserves in the country. While it is still not the Serengeti, this is one of the best places to encounter African wildlife in its natural state.
  1. Amazing hiking trails: It may seem daunting to hike through the bush with the prospect of a lion jumping out from behind a bush, but the thrill of doing so entices many visitors to treat themselves to the Kruger Park experience every year. The guides and trackers used to guide these hikes are well trained and highly skilled, and they ensure the safety of hikers on their guided trails.
  1. Biodiversity: Home to no less than five vegetation zones, the Kruger Park experience brings you a wide range of flora to explore. Here you will find areas that are semi-arid and desert-like, and a few kilometres later, you will stumble into a moist, tree-filled forest. The most iconic trees here are the baobab trees that reign supreme on most African landscapes, and in the spring the abundance of blooms is simply explosive.
  1. Indescribable sunsets: Nothing says “Africa” like the sunsets. They have a very unique appeal and charm, their own character, their own feelings, and their own colours. African sunsets are romantic and unapologetic. They make you forget about hardship and remember good things. They remind you of where you come from and ancient memories. African sunsets are there to remind you that you are alive. An African sunset is something that will stick in your mind forever, urging you to return to the primal state in which you began life.

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