5-Star Lodges in the Kruger National Park

The Pick of the 5-Star Lodges in the Kruger National Park: Lukimbi Safari Lodge 

Every year, for thousands of visitors to South Africa, the Kruger National Park is the most desirable place to see. Not only is there a magic to Africa that everybody loves, but the romantic, red sunsets are something to behold. Here, it is easy to connect with your roots; the authenticity and rawness of nature brings you closer to animals and humanity at the same time. The fauna and flora in this special part of the world are incomparable – the variety astounds, and the beauty of the natural state enchants and bewilders at the same time. Visiting one of the 5-star lodges in the Kruger National Park should be on your bucket list; if you have never considered coming here, you will be missing out!

About the Kruger National Park

Set across over two million hectares, this is one of the largest and most impressive game reserves in the world. Not only can you encounter the Big Five casually strolling by, but you can also feel the real vibe of the African bushveld that harks back to the days of Livingston and “Out of Africa”. The nature here is unspoilt and untouched, and the diversity of your experiences here will live with you forever. The beauty of this place, however, is not limited to the fauna and flora. It also has a lot to do with the ancient historical sites in this area. Here, at many different archaeological sites, you can truly feel the importance of the landscapes that gave life to so many different human beings and their animal counterparts. The spirituality of these sites is undeniable, and not many people visit and leave these sites unchanged.

The Kruger National Park has a very special origin. During the rule of the first President of the South African Republic, Paul Kruger, the great man (Kruger) was very conscious of the amount of animals and plants that were wiped out in this area by travelling tradesmen and hunters. He saw great importance in preserving this area and thereby stabilising the natural order between the Sabie River and the Crocodile River. He went to great pains to secure this territory to be set aside for preservation, and hunting in these areas became greatly restricted. The area he secured later became a protected game reserve in 1898 when it was called the Sabie Game Reserve. Later, this area merged with more territories, and together these territories became what is today known as the Kruger National Park. This is one of the great gifts that was left to today’s generation by people who were visionaries and pioneers.

5-Star Lodges in the Kruger National Park

While a number of public camps were built in the game reserve since the fifties, to enable people to visit the reserve and remain safely overnight, a number of 5-star lodges in the Kruger National Park have made their appearance over the last 30 years. These lodges largely cater for people who like the ultimate in luxury, and those who want to experience the African wild from safe quarters, while enjoying a comfortable stay.

Lukimbi Safari Lodge is one of the best lodges in the Kruger National Park. Located in the south of the park and easily accessible, this is one of the most desirable lodges around. Plush suites with privately appointed balconies overlooking watering holes are offered to the discerning guests, and outdoor showers with great views bring one closer to nature. Highly delectable cuisine and the luxury of a spa, a beautiful library, private swimming pools, and a deck from where roaming animals can be seen are only some of the things that attract many local and international guests every year.

For more information on one of the best 5-star lodges in the Kruger National Park, give our team at Lukimbi Safari Lodge a call today.

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