What Travellers Wished They’d Known Before Booking Accommodation in the Kruger Wildtuin

Is it your first time taking a safari in the Kruger Wildtuin? Are you unsure about what to pack? We’ve got the skinny on what’s hot and what isn’t. There are many lists out there telling travellers what to pack and what to stay away from, and still people don’t quite manage to pack everything needed to make the most of their Kruger Park accommodation and holiday. Over-packing is also a big problem, as international flights have strict luggage allowances, and you want space for all the gifts and inevitable trinkets that you’ll be packing for your flight back.

So, what should you pack when booking accommodation in the Kruger Wildtuin? The quick answer is light cotton clothing in light tones. Choose neutral tones and light fabrics, as cotton tends to work best in a hot climate. Avoid going with white shirts and pants, as they will show dirt quite easily and visibly. It also makes you highly visible to animals, something you don’t want to happen when you’re trying to blend into the scenery, so as not to chase away your game viewing pleasure.

Other colours to avoid also include red, as this attracts animals. If you’re heading into an area where tsetse flies are prevalent, steer clear of blue and black colours too. These are just a few handy tips to help you gauge what’s appropriate wardrobe for your first Kruger Park holiday. It’ll surely go a long way in making your stay in the world-class accommodation you’ll be staying in even more enjoyable, as will all the fun activities you have planned.

Feel Part of Nature at Lukimbi Safari Lodge

We are the premier destination for anyone in search of luxury Kruger Wildtuin accommodation in the heart of South Africa’s beautiful wild. Our game lodge offers stunning accommodation set in fairy-tale surrounds, and is frequented by an exciting array of animals. You instantly feel part of nature from the moment you arrive at our lodge.

There is something for everyone to look forward to, from the impressive Big Five (leopard, rhino, lion, elephant and buffalo), to the smaller, yet no less impressive creatures such as antelope and over 420 bird species. Our seasoned guides and trackers are at hand to provide you with all the insights needed to make the most of your Kruger vacation. 

Look Forward to Exciting Bush Walks and Safaris

As we are surrounded by 15 000 hectares of prime African wilderness, you get to experience a diverse array of beautiful habitats. From grasslands, to wooden areas and lush riverine thickets, you are in for an experience of a lifetime. We go beyond the call of duty to make sure that every guest’s experience and stay at our luxury accommodation far exceeds all expectations placed upon us.

Let us help you get up close and personal with the best that the Kruger National Park has to offer. You can retire to your lush accommodation at night to unwind and recharge in comfort for another day of excitement and adventure. There is no need to rush through your holiday, we make it easy for you to slow down and really be in the moment. These are only a few of the many things that you can look forward to when booking your stay with us.

To learn more about our lodge, and for all the information needed to make the most of your vacation and book the best accommodation for your family, speak to our team today. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful lodge, and to making your stay memorable for all the right reasons. Start looking forward to an experience of a lifetime in the Kruger Wildtuin.

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