Kruger Park Holidays – What is All the Fuss Surrounding Kruger Park Sunsets

Let’s be honest, you’ll be pretty hard-pressed to find another sunset capable of rivalling a Kruger National Park sunset. Taking into account the fact that there are many sunset game drives designed around reaching beautiful open planes at just the right time of day to catch the full marvel of the South African sunset, you will soon understand why Kruger Park holidays are so popular.

There is simply no beating the freedom of driving around the Kruger Park, coming up close and personal with its incredible animal kingdom and experiencing the African wild as it was supposed to be experienced. Add on top of that the inimitable Kruger sunset and you have all the ingredients needed to enjoy an unforgettable your safari vacation. Look forward to deepening your experience of the bush, as you take advantage of the guided game drives.

Your seasoned guide interprets the bush and provides you with a detailed explanation of the animals’ behaviours. See the Big Five up close, as well as a diverse array of other animals and birdlife, from the steenbok to the hyena. Don’t, however, think that as soon as the beautiful sunset finishes blessing you with its beauty that the day is over. It’s at this time, night time, that a whole other world awakens in the Kruger Park, and you get to enjoy the allure of nocturnal animal life.

Late Afternoon Game Drives in the Kruger Park

Late afternoon is always a great time for game viewing, as many animals take advantage of the setting sun and drop in temperatures to come out of shading and hiding. As the evening approaches, nocturnal animals become active and you get to experience the amazing colours of an African sunset playing before you.

Once the sun sets, and night begins to falls, the spotlight switches on. It’s in the quiet of the darkness where guests to the park get the full safari experience, a different one to what they enjoy in the daytime. Now is when you become aware of your surroundings and see smaller, more elusive and shy, rare creatures that aren’t usually seen during the day. No stops are made during the evening time safari, but you may still bring along your night vision camera in the hopes of snapping a rare find.

Book Your Kruger Park Holiday at Lukimbi Safari Lodge

We know that for a majority of our guests, a Kruger Park safari ranks high on the list of must-do activities. Since our safari lodge is bound by three major river systems, the beautiful and extensive 15 000-hectare area offers a diverse array of habitats that are perfect for exploration. These habitats range from wooden areas, to grasslands and lush riverine thickets.

One of the best things about taking a 4×4 safari is that you can rest assured that no safari is ever the same, or similar to another. They are never predictable, as it’s all about being at the right place, at the right time. Our safaris go out in the early mornings before the hotness of the day falls, and in the late afternoons. It is truly an incomparable way to get in touch with Africa. Our safaris take place twice a day, and on our private roads.

Exciting Bushwalks at Lukimbi Safari Lodge

After breakfast each morning, you’re welcome to join our qualified guides on a bushwalk, which doesn’t last more than two hours. It is a great opportunity to see some of the smaller creatures and plants up close, not to mention some of the larger, beautiful wildlife interacting in their natural environment.

You feel part of nature from the moment you arrive at our lodge. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from the impressive Big Five, including the leopard, rhino, lion, elephant and buffalo, to smaller creatures like the antelope – be prepared to be blown away!

Our luxury lodge is geared towards keeping you comfortable at night, as you rest up for another day of adventure on your Kruger Park holiday. To book your stay at our lodge, and secure your dream vacation in time, speak to us today, so that we can provide you with all the information needed to complete your reservation.

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