Accommodation Within Kruger Park

What International Visitors Seeking Accommodation in the Kruger Park Should Know 

Coming from the United States, Australia or the United Kingdom to the Kruger National Park can be an exciting and terrifying prospect at the same time, but it doesn’t need to be scary. We’ve got some insight on how to make your South African safari flawless and painless. The South African bush is truly something to behold. It brings its diverse landscapes and incredible animals to life in a way that is truly more magnificent than any imagination could ever conjure up.

The Greater Kruger National Park is filled to the brim with beautifully diverse animals, birds and insects. These include the Big Five, impala, colourful kingfishers and even wild dogs. It is an unbelievable eco-system that is intrinsically dependent on each other, and protected by the South African government. It is also a national treasure that welcomes visitors and tourists from all corners of the globe, and all walks of life, to allow them to experience Africa the way it was truly meant to be experienced.

As an outsider, experiencing South Africa for the first time can be quite exhilarating, unlike anything you’ve probably ever experienced before. It is surprising in all the best ways, although sometimes it can be quite overwhelming. But here you will find, especially in the Kruger Park, South Africa is as pure and as genuine as nature allows. The Kruger Park is an essential part of a truly fulfilling South African experience.

Choose Your Time of Year Carefully

When it comes to finding great accommodation within the Kruger Park, and getting the most out of your accommodation experience, one of the most important factors is carefully choosing the time of year that you want to visit. The most popular time to visit the Kruger Park is during the South African winter. If that sounds strange to you, you’ll soon find out why this is the most popular time of year.

June, July and August form the majority of the winter period in South Africa. The region in which the Kruger is situated has dry winters, so rain stays away for the most part. Winters are also relatively mild and the “bush” is lean, which means you and your safari guides get to see further, which is great for animal spotting. Also, because there is no rainfall, the animals tend to congregate more around watering holes, leaving you with little hassle with regards to figuring out where to go for the best game spotting.

Another popular time to book accommodation within the Kruger Park and enjoy a great vacation is from mid-November to December. However, this is also the time when most South Africans take leave and enjoy their annual holiday, which means accommodation within the Kruger Park can be booked up and there may be a surge in prices, which is something to keep in mind.

Book Your Kruger Park Accommodation at Lukimbi Safari Lodge

Our stunning luxury safari lodge is situated in the southern portion of the Kruger National Park, home to South Africa’s widest variety of animals and birds, which roam freely in their natural habitat. We welcome you to our sweeping staircases, artistic fireplaces and creatively engraved animals, extending the feeling you experience of wild untamed Africa when you first set foot in our lodge.

Our lodge’s tasteful lounge overlooks the Lwakahle River, where animals often come to drink. We welcome visitors of many nationalities throughout the year, and we take great care to make everyone feel welcome from the moment they arrive. Let us make your stay in Africa even more comfortable with our luxurious accommodation.

Enjoy Unrivalled Luxury in the Heart of Africa

Even though the service throughout our lodge is unrivalled, we recommend our ultra-luxurious King Cheetah and Giant Eagle Owl suites for that extra privacy and additional space throughout your stay. Enjoy our facilities and beautiful accommodations, and let us help you make your stay memorable for all the right reasons.

Contact our reservationists to secure your booking in order to avoid disappointment. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful lodge, and to providing you with the best-quality accommodation available within the Kruger Park.

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