Three Reasons to Stay at Safari Lodges in South Africa

There are so many reasons to book your stay at one of the safari lodges in South Africa. But in case you need a reason, we have several good ones. Private game reserves have made it possible to vastly expand the existing protected wildlife areas. The Kruger National Park in South Africa has grown by over a quarter of its original size with the addition of numerous private reserves along the national park borders. The borders between the national park and private reserves are unfenced, and the wildlife takes full advantage of the larger habitat that is available to them. One of the advantages of booking your stay at a safari lodge is that private reserves have fewer vehicles, and therefore, less traffic to scare away game when you are out trying to spot them.

The number of vehicles in a private reserve is almost always limited, and you are unlikely to find yourself among a crowd of 4x4s trying to view a pride of lions. The camps and lodges provide their own specialised 4×4 safari game-viewing vehicles, equipped with extra blankets for the chilly mornings and evenings, and also guided by a seasoned game ranger. If you need a few more reasons to book your stay at a private safari lodge in the Kruger National Park, then consider the following.

#1 Highly Qualified Guides 

Along with the specialised safari vehicles in which you will be taking your game-viewing trips, the guides and drivers hired by the private concessions are highly qualified and well-trained naturalists. With their knowledge of the terrain and their scent-tracking skills – along with their in-depth knowledge of wildlife behaviour – you are far more likely to see the Big 5 up close and personal. The guides are expert trackers, and can read footprints in the sand. They can even judge with amazing accuracy the freshness of elephant dung, all of which will improve the success of your wildlife-spotting endeavours while on safari. Their expert knowledge also keeps you safe while on the trail.

#2 It is Modern and Luxurious, with an African Twist

The safari lodges tend to be more luxurious, smaller, and more intimate than those on offer in the large national parks. Meals are prepared to high standards and often coupled with exceptional wine. Dinner is a social affair, with other guests eating together and sharing their safari sightings of the day. There is also the option of a private bush dinner and breakfast, should you wish.

#3 It Acts as Your Base for Exploring Everything Africa’s Wild has to Offer

After a long day of exploring on safari, who would not want to head back to a luxurious lodge? Here you can refresh, relax, and unwind as you prepare for another day of great adventure. Enjoy air-conditioning, Internet connectivity, en-suite bathroom facilities and delicious food, not to mention soft linen and a welcoming bed. It is the perfect base from where exploring everything that an African safari has to offer.

Book Your Stay at Lukimbi Safari Lodge 

We welcome you to our award-winning safari lodge in the heart of Africa. With various luxurious suites available, you are sure to find our accommodations pleasing. The lounge of Lukimbi Safari Lodge’s main building overlooks the Lwakahle River, where animals often come to drink. The nearby bar offers an award-winning wine list and a cellar. These are only a few of the things you need to know when booking your stay with us. Speak to our team of reservationists to avoid disappointment and secure your booking in time. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful lodge, and making your stay memorable for all the right reasons.

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