Why You Should Experience a Morning Safari in the Kruger National Park

There’s just something about getting up in the Kruger Park before the sun does, and inhaling the scent of the fresh morning air that hasn’t been baked yet by the unrelenting South African sun. It’s a feeling that inspires nostalgia, and a sense of new beginnings that is hard to compare or find anywhere else on earth. This is one of the many reasons why millions of people head to the Kruger National Park each year, in search of an inimitable experience unrivalled by anything else.

When you add to this an informative and interesting game ranger or guide to conduct your Kruger Park safari, you are set for a truly memorable experience. These guides are experts at tracking game, and astound people from all walks of life by the amount of information that they harbour in their minds. You’ll also be blown away by the passion of these guides and rangers, as well as local trackers, who are more than willing to spend hours discussing and talking about the many eco systems running through the Kruger National Park.

Experience the Kruger Park Like No Other Time

There are animals that only awake and operate during the early morning hours, before the sun rises, and just after the sunrise. You won’t be able to scout these animals during any other time of the day. It is another reason why so many people opt for at least one morning safari during their stay.

What’s more, it’s also one of the best times of the day to get out and explore your area, before the severe hotness of the African sun starts to beat down on the plains. It’s still cool, and the heat hasn’t settled in yet. If you’re lucky, you may come across a herd of zebra at the watering hole, or see a hippo lounging in the river, as the sun starts to set the water alight with brilliance. These are only a few of the many sightings you may be treated to as you embark on your morning safari.

Guided Kruger Park Safaris

You can choose from various options when it comes to booking a Kruger Park safari. Your options include a full-day or half-day guided safari, which can be shared or booked privately. Your knowledgeable guide interprets the bush for you, and provides you with a detailed explanation of the animals’ lives and behaviours. See the Big Five, as well as a diverse array of other animals and birdlife, including the mighty African elephant and the steenbok.

Birders are in for a treat, as the Kruger is one of the best birding regions in southern Africa. In fact, at Lukimbi Safari Lodge, you can look forward to enjoying more than 420 bird species. You’ll feel part of nature from the moment you arrive at our luxury safari lodge. We’ve got something for everybody, from the impressive Big Five leopard, lion, rhino, buffalo and elephant, to smaller creatures, such as the antelope.

Our guides and trackers share their knowledge of these and many other animals with you. One of the best ways in which to experience this is to join our qualified guides after breakfast on a bush walk, which isn’t more than two hours. This is a fantastic opportunity to see some of the smaller creatures and plants up close, as well as our larger game in their natural environment.

Book Your Kruger Park Safari to Avoid Disappointment

Since our lodge is bounded by three major river systems, the vast 15 000 hectare area offers a diverse array of habitats, from grasslands to wooden areas, and the lushest riverine thickets. No 4×4 safari is ever the same, and you can look forward to a truly unique experience. It’s about being in the right place and the right time, with the right people.

Our safaris go out in the mornings and afternoons, and take place twice daily on our private roads. Book your stay at our safari lodge, and look forward to enjoying a memorable safari in the safety and comfort of strictly controlled circumstances. To learn more about what we have on offer, and why we should be your first choice for a quality safari experience, contact us today and secure your spot to avoid disappointment. We look forward to welcoming you to our world-class safari lodge.

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