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Helpful Tips for International Visitors to the Kruger National Park 

Are you visiting from Australia, the United States or Europe, and not sure what to expect from your trip to the world-famous Kruger National Park? We have a few suggestions to help make your South African trip a breeze. The South African bush is truly something to behold, with its diverse landscapes and vast accessibility to animals that are more magnificent in real life, than your imagination could ever have conjured growing up.

The Greater Kruger National Park is filled to the brim with animals, insects and birds. Imagine the Big 5, impala bucks, colourful kingfishers and wild dogs all co-existing in a delicate eco-system that’s protected and celebrated for its diversity. Booking luxury accommodation in the Kruger National Park, and taking an African safari is one of the quintessential experiences of visiting South Africa.

Decide on a Time of Year

Perhaps one of the best pieces of advice foreign visitors can heed when booking their luxury accommodation and trip to the Kruger National Park is to perfectly time their trip. The most popular times to visit the Kruger National park are during the South African winter, including the months of June, July and August. Spend a summer in South Africa, and you’ll understand why these months are popular for visiting the Kruger.

South Africa’s winters are relatively mild, and the bushveld is lean, which means you’ll be able to see further for better animal watching and spotting. Aside from this, the region’s winters are dry, and summers are typically rainy. When visiting the Kruger during the winter months, you won’t have to contend with thunderstorms and muggy humidity.

A Word of Caution for End-of-Year Holidaymakers

Mid November to December is holiday time for South Africans, and a lot of the luxury accommodation in the Kruger National Park can be booked up well in advance, with a surge in prices. Because of this, we suggest that, should you want to travel to South Africa during this time, you should book and secure your accommodation well in advance.

January to February can be blazingly hot, but more importantly, there are chances of rain and flooding, which causes road closures. The last thing you want is to have your safari holiday derailed, so to speak. However, the bush is greener during this season, which means that the setting of your photos will be that much more vivid. Keep in mind that plane tickets are cheapest to South Africa when they do not coincide with winter and summer breaks.

Focus on One Area of the Kruger National Park

The next piece of advice we’d give anyone considering a visit to the Kruger is to simply focus on one area of the park. It becomes glaringly obvious why, when you consider that the park’s size is roughly the entire state of Israel, and that it crosses over two provinces, borders with Mozambique and Zimbabwe, and is 360km in length from north to south, and home to over one million animals.

There is simply no way you’ll be able to fully explore every nook and cranny of the park in one visit. If you’re in search of one of the most beautiful and celebrated areas of the Kruger National Park to book your luxury accommodation in, consider visiting the southern portion of the park, which is home to the Big 5, and an amazing assortment of other animals and birds, which roam uninhibited.

Book Your Stay at Lukimbi Safari Lodge for an Unforgettable Safari Holiday

Because our luxury safari lodge is located in the southern portion of the Kruger, you won’t have any problem reaching us directly from the airport. There are direct flights from Cape Town and Johannesburg, to the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport and Skukuza Airport. Should the need arise, transfers can be arranged between both airports and our lodge. Our transfer rates are available on request.

Our Premier and Classic suites are suited for everyone from honeymoon couples to large families in search of luxury accommodation in the heart of the Kruger National Park. Book your stay with us, and look forward to a memorable safari trip in the heartland of Africa. We look forward to welcoming you to our luxury lodge.

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