Luxury Family Vacation in Kruger Park

4 Reasons Every Family Needs to Take a Luxury Vacation in the Kruger Park at Least Once 

A safari in the Kruger National Park is all about the experience. It is about experiencing wildlife in its true, unobstructed habitation, and about taking in culture and the African safari experience that has been on everyone’s lips for decades. What is so magical about a luxury family vacation in the heart of the Kruger National Park? Consider these four reasons why so many people continue to flock to the Kruger for their family vacations.

#1 The Wildlife

The Kruger National Park is a world-famous national park, well-known for its excellent game viewing opportunities. When you take a luxury family vacation in the Kruger, you will have ample opportunities to scope out the highly revered African Big 5, namely the lion, rhino, leopard, elephant and buffalo. However, the appeal of the Kruger’s amazing wildlife population doesn’t stop there.

You will also have the opportunity of a lifetime to come up close and personal with endangered species, like the white and black rhino. You will probably also spot zebras, hippos and giraffes meandering the park, all of them making for incredible photographic gems and true sights to behold while you tour the Kruger on your safari.

#2 Well Managed

Here is another important reason why it makes sense to book your family’s luxury vacation in the Kruger Park. This national park is governed by the South African National Parks. This organisation is widely revered for its conservation efforts, and manages the Kruger Park by a strict set of rules, thus ensuring that all guests have an enjoyable experience on their vacation, while also maintaining a good equilibrium of happy wildlife, vegetation and birdlife.

Here are some of the Kruger National Park rules:

  • Vehicle doors need to remain closed at all times.
  • Disturbing or feeding the animals is considered a serious offense.
  • Visitors have to remain in their vehicles, unless in designated areas.
  • The speed limit is non-negotiable. General rules of the road apply everywhere within the park, with the proclaimed speed limit being 40km/h on gravel roads, and 50km/h on tar roads.

#3 Cultural Heritage

The Kruger National Park is immensely proud of its conservation of historical sites. One example is the Iron Age site of Thulamela, which resides within the park’s unfenced boundaries. This area still has traces of farming, graves and trade from an age that saw the movement of Great Zimbabwe abandoned more than half a millennium ago, its group migrating down to the northern part of the Kruger to start smaller chiefdoms.

It is culturally significant and historic sites like this which will make your family’s luxury vacation in the Kruger National Park a well-rounded one, providing a generous portion of historical appeal to this rich wildlife area.

#4 Easily Accessible

Finally, the fourth reason why you should book your luxury family vacation in the Kruger National Park is because it’s so easy and convenient to reach. Here are a few of the main roads that lead into the Kruger National Park, and from which town you can access the road from:

  • Pafuri Gate, from Musina.
  • Orpen Gate, from Klaserie.
  • Numbi Gate, from Hazyview.
  • Malelane Gate, near Malelane.
  • Crocodile Bridge Gate, from Komatipoort.

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No stone is left unturned when ensuring that you enjoy your relaxing vacation. Let us help you enjoy Africa the way it was always meant to be enjoyed. If you would like to learn more about our lodge, and find out why we should be your first choice for a luxury family vacation in a stunning portion of the Kruger National Park, then speak to us today. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our luxury safari lodge.

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