Luxury Romantic Getaway (Kruger National Park)

A Safari Lodge Could Add Luxury to a Romantic Getaway

If you are planning a romantic getaway, it may be important to ask yourself just what it is likely to take in order to ignite that magical spark and to keep it burning throughout your stay. In this endeavour, it is likely that the first words to spring into the minds of most people will be – “a little bit of luxury”. Over and above your personal definition of this quality, however, there are a few more basic ingredients that are simply essential if you are to maintain an atmosphere in which romance is free to blossom.

Perhaps the first and most important of these basic requirements is for a couple to surround themselves with beauty. A spacious and well-appointed suite with elegant furnishings and everything necessary to ensure their comfort is, of course, an excellent start and infinitely more in keeping with most people’s concept of a romantic weekend getaway, than a poky little room in a B&B on some seaside esplanade. However, while the man-made beauty may end at the door, ideally the far greater beauty of the surrounding landscape should be continued beyond. Where better, in practice, to experience that feeling of absolute luxury amid exquisitely beautiful surroundings, than at one of South Africa’s superior safari lodges?

In their efforts to protect the country’s wildlife and to preserve an environment in which the local flora and fauna are able to thrive, a succession of South African governments has encouraged the development of numerous private game reserves, especially in the regions of the former Eastern Transvaal, now known as Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

In conjunction with more ambitious developments, such as the internationally-acclaimed Kruger National Park, these smaller reserves are serving to promote a culture of eco-tourism in which visitors are actively encouraged to better understand the land and its inhabitants, and to embrace the importance of sustainable management. In addition, their revenue contributes not just to the livelihood of lodge owners and owners of business concessions, but also to the welfare of the local residents, as well as helping to meet the costs arising from various conservation initiatives.

Established in 1926 and still one of the largest of its kind in Africa, the park now extends beyond South Africa’s borders to include national wildlife reserves in both Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Following its huge success, both locally and internationally, it is now served by a number of safari lodges at which no expense has been spared to ensure that their guests will live in absolute luxury for the duration of their stay. Not surprisingly, one or two of these exceptional venues frequently feature high among the options chosen by those who are in search of somewhere special where they can be guaranteed to enjoy a romantic getaway.

For a beautiful suite set in idyllic surroundings to be transformed into a love nest, the other essential prerequisites are peace and privacy and, of course, a comfortable king-sized bed with a shower en suite. When it is time to dine, this will not be an occasion for burgers, slap chips and a large Coke, but a time when only fine wine and gourmet cuisine, perhaps served under a starlit African sky, will be sufficient to meet and even exceed a loving couple’s personal definition of the luxury lifestyle.

Nestled in the southern part of the Kruger National Park and just a short drive from the Malelane Gate is the Lukimbi Safari Lodge. If those who may not be too keen on the drive, flights to KMI Airport or Skukuza Airport operate from Cape Town and Johannesburg, and the lodge is happy to organise transfers in an air-conditioned vehicle by arrangement.

A favourite with the nation’s wedding planners and honeymooners, it also offers all the facilities of a well-equipped modern conference centre. Lukimbi has been the site of many proposals delivered and accepted during a romantic getaway weekend, so it is not too hard to understand why so many couples later choose, first to get married here, and then to linger a little longer and enjoy a relaxed honeymoon lounging around the pool or experiencing a little pampering at the spa.

Whatever the occasion, one could never visit the Kruger National Park without experiencing its wildlife. Our lodge offers a choice of bush walks, bird watching and a chance to view the Big 5 in the natural bushveld surroundings.

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