Mpumalanga Breakaway Spots

Things To Do and Some Awesome Breakaway Spots in Mpumalanga

Once known simply as the Eastern Transvaal, the more recently adopted title of Mpumalanga, a word that is common to a number of African languages, describes the province more picturesquely as “the land where the sun rises”. If you happen to be interested in an almost unlimited range of awesome breakaway spots, this region, which shares its eastern border with the Gaza and Maputo provinces of Mozambique, and all four of the districts that make up the Kingdom of Swaziland, is certain to leave you spoiled for choice.

Being close to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, the subtropical climate is typical of this Lowveld region and, of course, this means that it provides a perfect all-year-round destination for tourists. Much of the land in this corner of South Africa is devoted to wildlife reserves, including the world-famous Kruger National Park. The latter is now managed as part of the much larger scheme known as the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park that incorporates reserves within both Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Needless to say, game viewing and safari lodges play a major role in the thriving local tourism industry.

However, quite apart from the pleasant climate and the chance to catch sight of the Big Five, there are a great many other attractions that draw visitors to Mpumalanga in their thousands each year. In fact, the province provides a home to at least a hundred spots of incredible natural beauty, any one of which could provide a perfect breakaway opportunity.

What, for example, could possibly hold much more appeal than the sight and sound of hundreds of thousands of litres of water cascading many metres from a cliff top to crash into the foaming waters of the river below? The province is criss-crossed by rivers and blessed with numerous waterfalls. Just a few moments spent viewing the Bridal Veil, Berlin, Sabie or Elands River falls could not fail to captivate even the most difficult-to-impress traveller.

Speaking of views, there are a couple of awesome panoramic routes that many visitors to the region have learned to enjoy. Make no mistake; there can be few views to beat that from the aptly-named and magnificent God’s Window, not to mention the opportunity to experience rain in a real rain forest, if you’re up for the hike.

Mpumalanga, incidentally, is no longer just a destination for those who may be passionate about flora, fauna and natural scenic beauty. The recently established “Haute Cuisine Route” connects the provincial capital of Nelspruit with the small farming town of Hazyview via a series of four of the region’s top restaurant venues that are certain to have hordes of devoted foodies scrambling to sample the menus at each one of them. This alone has ensured that both towns will continue to feature prominently on the lengthy list of the province’s most popular breakaway spots.

Maybe, it’s not the sight and sounds that appeal to you, but just the chance to enjoy some outdoor activities. Apart from the numerous hiking trails, there is a really cool zip-line (foefie slide) experience to be enjoyed at Hazyview, and some good fun to be had on the “Big Swing” in Graskop. On the other hand, if you are looking for something a little more relaxed, why not pay a visit to Dullstroom and enjoy a round of golf, or even a spot of trout fishing.

The fact is that there are innumerable good reasons to spend your long weekends or even a full vacation in this enticing corner of South Africa. However, if you are among the many thousands for whom the Kruger National Park is the very essence of Mpumalanga, then there is definitely no better choice of breakaway spots from which to enjoy the park and to surround yourself in luxury than Lukimbi Safari Lodge.

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