Weekend Breakaway at the Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park – An ideal Weekend Breakaway Destination 

The Kruger National Park has, within a little less than a century, become a “must see” destination for hundreds of thousands of people who are willing to board a plane and to travel thousands of kilometres from Europe, Asia, the Americas and just about every corner of the earth. Just as popular among South Africans, however, it was once thought of by many locals as something of a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage. Since then, the steady expansion of the infrastructure and improvements to the visitors’ accommodation, have seen this attitude change. Today, substantial numbers of South Africans are now choosing the reserve as a weekend breakaway destination, with many visiting it on a regular basis.

Just like the international visitors to this country, local wildlife enthusiasts are just as keen to observe the rhino, elephant, water buffalo, lion and leopard that together make up the continent’s Big 5, not confined to a cage or enclosure in some zoo, but in their natural habitats. The Kruger National Park offers exactly this uniquely exciting experience to both locals and overseas tourists alike.

However, for the former, the source of that pleasure is quite a bit closer to home. No more than four and a half hours from Johannesburg or Pretoria to the park’s Malelane gate, it is certainly close enough to leave plenty of time for a weekend breakaway adventure or a romantic interlude. Alternatively, to save a little time and to eliminate the risk of fatigue, visitors can fly from O. R. Tambo International Airport to the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport, where they can hire a car and drive just 70 kilometres or so to arrive at the same gate.

There is no need to pack a tent, camp beds or a primus stove. Our awesome bushveld venue is one that is guaranteed to leave many of the world’s 5-star hoteliers wide-eyed and green with envy. There is, of course, no doubt that much of its visual appeal is the direct result of our idyllic setting. In capitalising on the location, our builders went to extreme lengths in order to meld each element of our elegant interiors seamlessly with their rustic surroundings. The combined result has served to make the Lukimbi Safari Lodge a favourite among those for whom the very essence of a weekend breakaway is defined by their love of luxury.

In practice, Gauteng residents should have little trouble making it to Durban’s South Beach or to Umhlanga Sands in much the same time as it would take them to drive to the Kruger. However, on arrival, they would be most unlikely to experience the privacy and peace that is simply a part of the deal when you book your accommodation at our stunning Bushveld retreat. Furthermore, they are even more unlikely to occupy a suite of air-conditioned rooms with a separate dining area, lounge, two bathrooms, a choice of indoor and outdoor showers, and a wooden deck leading to a private pool. Quite a number of these facilities are even available in the smaller and more economical, classic suites which, nevertheless, are still quite large enough to ensure that, should you have brought your children along, you will not be constantly tripping over them during your weekend breakaway.

If you enjoy being active, then Lukimbi Safari Lodge is definitely the place for you. Apart from the private pools and a magnificent main pool, our lodge has a well-equipped gym. A little further afield, you will find a world-class 18-hole course. Given the irresistible creations from the chef’s kitchen, either or both of these facilities might prove essential to keep you in shape.

Of course, no visit to the Kruger Park would be complete without checking out the flora and fauna, and the our staff can organise bush walks, game drives and birdwatching expeditions for you under the expert care of experienced guides and trackers whose are job is to ensure that your wildlife experience is one you will never want to forget.

When it is time to relax, a weekend breakaway at our lodge offers the choice of sipping sundowners on the deck or enjoying a relaxing massage at the spa.

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