Romantic Getaway Kruger Park

Why the Kruger National Park offers Couples the Perfect Romantic Getaway

For some, the notion of a visit to a safari park may conjure images of hacking one’s way through the undergrowth with a panga, whilst under constant attack by mosquitoes and other goggas, and then forced to spend the night on hard ground within the confines of a small tent that offers scant protection from hungry predators. In fact, those days are largely a distant memory. Safaris are now more often conducted with cameras, rather than guns, and under the supervision of expert guides to conduct your wildlife excursions and return you safely to the comforts of a well-appointed lodge.

No longer just a popular vacation choice, luxury venues within the Kruger National Park now serve as the perfect romantic getaway destination for those in love. In fact, many engaged couples are now choosing to conduct their marriage ceremony and to enjoy a honeymoon at one of these exceptional wildlife retreats. While love can, of course, blossom in the urban jungles of Johannesburg or Pretoria, there is no denying that the beauty of the South African bushveld provides a more fertile environment in which to nurture and sustain its growth.

Today, with both partners normally required to work, the strain on relationships is often far greater than in the past. Accordingly, the need to seize every possible opportunity to communicate with one another and to relax together has rarely been more important than it is now. Many South African couples are now finding that a romantic getaway is no longer an optional luxury, but a vital necessity. Where better to enjoy such a break than within the atmosphere of peace and natural beauty that is the hallmark of the world-famous Kruger Park?

Established in 1898, this massive reserve covers an area of almost 19 500 square kilometres. It was the first of its kind in South Africa, and still remains the nation’s largest. While the park provides the challenging environment against which the competitors in the Australian version of the reality franchise “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here”, must test their survival skills, it is also home to some truly luxurious accommodation.

The reserve is spread between the country’s two northernmost provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga, and it is in the southern region of that portion which lies within the latter province that one of its most luxurious romantic getaway venues is to be found. Combining all of the comforts of a 5-start hotel with the magical, scenic surroundings of the Kruger Park bushveld, the Lukimbi Safari Lodge succeeds in creating the perfect ambience for romance, and thus provides an ideal destination for couples in love.

For a chance to spot each one of Africa’s Big 5 in its natural habitat and to encounter any of the more than 140 other species of mammals – the widest variety of any reserve in Africa, the Lukimbi Safari Lodge is an excellent starting point. Likewise, if birds are your passion, the park is also home to no less than 420 avian species, many of which are rare or unique to the region, or both.

If, on the other hand, wildlife or even the vast array of attractive regional flora may not be what turns you on, our lodge offers plenty of pleasurable alternatives to be savoured, without any need to move too far from the premises. During the day, a short trip could transfer you to a full 18-hole golf course and offers the chance for some shared activity, as well as a worthy challenge for the serious golfers. If that sounds a bit too active, then why not share a spa experience instead? Now that could be exactly what makes the difference between a romantic getaway and a somewhat ordinary weekend break. For some serious pampering, this our lodge is hard to beat with a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu and Indian head massage, among others to set those work-weary nerve endings tingling again.

In addition to the private pools adjoining the premier suites, our lodge has a beautiful main pool with a rustic design set among natural surroundings that often tempt thirsty elephants to sneak a drink while you swim. Naturally, as a popular wedding venue and honeymoon destination, our lodge offers a fine dining service that takes some beating.

Not just for engaged couples and sweethearts, even if you have kids, a children’s programme and minding service can turn your stay in the Kruger Park into a romantic getaway.

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