Family Friendly Lodge Accommodation Kruger Park

Finding Family-Friendly Lodge Accommodation in the Kruger National Park 

If there is one thing better than a visit to the bush to rub shoulders with some of Africa’s magnificent wildlife, it could only be the chance to share such an awesome experience with your family. Although not cast in stone, it is generally the dads who are happy to rough it a bit, in order to provide a more “back to nature” experience, while moms are often less keen on the idea of paying night-time visits to an ablution block. Children, on the other hand, do tend to display a greater desire for adventure, although this may be a little less evident among girls.

What these observations indicate, of course, is that if everyone is to enjoy their visit to a wilderness destination, such as the Kruger National Park, the best solution for all is probably to look for some family-friendly accommodation at a well-appointed safari lodge. Although the Kruger is only one of many game reserves that is open to tourists in South Africa, it is one that is known to more people throughout the world than any other on the face of the earth. The Kruger has attained its iconic status, largely as the result of the many photoshoots and video documentaries compiled by world-renowned naturalists, such as Sir David Attenborough. In addition, the many unforgettable personal experiences of visitors to the park have contributed to the word-of-mouth spread of its reputation.

Opened in 1926, it is the oldest protected wildlife reserve on the continent while, with a total area of around 20 000 square kilometres, it is also the largest. Straddling the provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga in the north-eastern region of South Africa, it enjoys a climate that has resulted in unequalled diversity of both animal and plant life. Importantly, 90 years of development have taught its custodians the importance of providing family-friendly lodge accommodation for the all-important visitors who contributes to the revenue that is so vital to the continued upkeep of the Kruger Park.

What then could a mom, dad and their 2,4 children look forward to if they were to book themselves into such premises. Well, to be truthful, this is something that tends to vary quite widely between establishments. However, if your objective is to temper the wilderness experience with a touch of luxury in which to take refuge at the end of the day, from the heat and dust of a game trail, then one hostelry in the southern region of the park could be the perfect choice.

The Lukimbi Safari Lodge is well-known amongst the regular visitors to the Kruger National Park for its family-friendly and exceptionally comfortable accommodation. Our impressive structure houses many facilities that are not even found in the best 5-star hotels. Might one, for instance, expect a private pool and deck, or to enjoy both an indoor and outdoor shower? If you were to stay in one of our premier suites, these are just a part of the deal. With a separate bedroom, lounge and dining area, there is more than enough space for everyone. Even in the more compact and classic suites, there is still plenty of room for kids to relax and play, without disturbing the neighbours or being disturbed by them.

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