Luxury Safari South Africa

Example Itinerary for a South African Luxury Safari

Luxury isn’t necessarily an adjective associated with Safari. But thanks to the close proximity of major cities, and the conveniences offered by speedy delivery vehicles, it’s something that some South African lodges have been able to specialise in to satisfy the requirements of their discerning clients. So what does the average day consist of then, when you combine modern living with the rough and tumble of nature?

Early Morning Game Drives

You want to catch a glimpse of your favourite forms of wildlife while they’re relatively easy to find, which means early morning or late afternoon game drives. Early morning game drive times may vary depending on the season, but can generally last from 06:00 until 09:00.

Fine Dining – Bush Style

Once back at the lodge it’s time to indulge in a sumptuous breakfast around the Boma (meeting place), in the bush or on the deck. Whatever the location, we’ll bring the luxury to you with expertly prepared meals that’ll not only fill you up, but also give you that unique taste of the African bush.

Educational Sessions

Whether you’re staying for a few days, a week or two, you’ll have to make some time at least once to attend a talk by one of our highly experienced rangers. You’ll learn about the South African bush, its animals and a number of other things you’ll definitely not hear about in documentaries. Follow the talk up with a guided walk in the bush and you’ll know more about it than most people do in their entire lives.


Eating is fun, as is learning. But after a while of nothing else it can get a bit dull. A number of other activities exist that’ll satisfy every taste and whim. Enjoy a few rounds of golf at the nearby Leopard Creek Country Club, or cool off in the swimming pool. Alternatively, hit the gym and ensure you don’t skip a beat when it comes to your own personal fitness.

Once you’ve had some time to take a shower and cool off, feel free to lie down and let expert hands massage your tension away. A whole menu of techniques is available to ensure that your physical, emotional and mental needs are met.

Finally, at the end of the day, just before dinner, feel free to take the evening game drive, or sit back and enjoy a bit of TV.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that any of the activities mentioned above can be replaced by those more suited to your style to ensure that your South African safari is laced with luxury while giving you all the nature you can handle.

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